Bill pay

Choose the option that works best for you to pay your bill from Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula or Montage Medical Group.

When and how will I get my bill?

If you are using insurance, you can expect a billing statement about 10 days after your insurance company pays.

If you are not using insurance, you can expect a billing statement about 10 days after you get care or leave the hospital. The statement will arrive in the mail or, if you’ve signed up for paperless delivery, through your patient portal account.

When is payment due?

You will be asked to pay your copayment (copay), deductible, or estimated patient portion before your visit.

With insurance coverage

If you have insurance, we’ll bill the insurance company on your account. After your insurance has paid its portion, you’ll get a bill for the balance. Pay that amount within 30 days. View insurance plans we accept and which services may not be covered.

Without insurance coverage

If you don’t have insurance, you’ll be responsible for paying your bill within 30 days of receiving your billing statement.

Flexible repayment plans

If needed, Community Hospital and Montage Medical Group offer personalized payment plans to meet your needs. To learn more, contact the billing department of the Montage Health organization where you received care, email us, or set up a payment plan in MyChart.

Pay your bill online

You’ll appreciate how we’ve made it easy and convenient to pay your bill. For every organization in the Montage Health family, you can take care of your bill online via MyChart or Central Coast Health Connect, our secure patient portals. Set up a free account or log into your existing account to pay your bill, communicate with your healthcare team, view your medical records, and more.

Community Hospital billing

If you don’t have a patient portal account, you can pay your Community Hospital bill by calling our customer service team at (831) 625-4922. Representatives are available by phone 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can also email us at

Collection Policy

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula’s collection policy is consistent with best practices in the industry and is in compliance with regulatory requirements. See our Collection Policy for information on collections, such as negotiated discounts, credit check, uncollectible accounts, write-offs, and collection agency transfers.

Financial aid

If you need help to cover the cost of the care you received at Community Hospital, you may eligible for financial assistance.

Why am I getting a hospital bill?

You may receive a bill from Community Hospital if:

  • You got care at the hospital
  • You received services at one of our offsite facilities or outpatient departments
  • Your doctor sent a sample to our lab

Why did I get multiple bills?

Your bill from Community Hospital is only for the services you received plus fees for our hospital-based doctors (such as radiologists, radiation oncologists, Emergency department doctors, Monterey Bay Observation Medicine doctors, pathologists, and behavioral health doctors). All other doctors or providers who treated you at our facilities (such as surgeons, private doctors, outside reference labs, or other providers) will send a separate bill.

Get an itemized bill

Call (831) 625-4922 during business hours or email us to request an itemized statement, which lists each service you received and its cost. You can also send a billing request in MyChart.

Patient financial responsibilities

View additional policies related to your rights and responsibilities as a Montage Health patient.

COVID-19 Debt Forgiveness

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula recognizes the economic challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working to ease the burden of medical debt by forgiving 100 percent of all outstanding patient-responsible medical debt for care received during the first three years of the COVID-19 pandemic — 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Learn more


Contact the billing department of:

  • Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula or MoGo Urgent Care at (831) 625-4922 or (888) 625-4922
  • Montage Medical Group at (831) 649-1000

MoGo Urgent Care billing

Read information about paying for your MoGo Urgent Care visit, including which insurance plans we accept and how much you may pay.

Talk to a patient advocate

Call (831) 625-4922 or email us if you need help to:

  • Understand your Community Hospital or MoGo Urgent Care bill or our billing process
  • Find state and federal financial assistance programs you may qualify for
  • Complete financial assistance applications
  • Set up a personalized repayment plan if you don’t qualify for assistance